Resident Request for Tree Removal

Over the next few weeks, we will have a logging company here working in the Woods, by the Farm, by T-Lakes, and various other places thorughout Yellow Banks. They will be thinning out some areas for us.  While they are  here, we wanted to offer a chance to residents to have some trees removed from their property if we are able.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having us look at trees you think can/should/could be taken down on your property.  We cannot guarantee we WILL take those trees down, and will need to inspect them on an individual basis.  

If they are hanging over power lines or currently having directly over your home, we cannot remove them in this case, and will refer you to a partner arborist/tree service who could price that for you.

We will contact you, and do our best to help you out!
Logging Request
North or South
I will mark the tree with spray paint, a ribbon of some sort or other identifier so you know which it is
I give Yellow Banks Lake and applicable parties permission to come on my property and look at trees I am interested in having taken down.