Rules and Regulations

Download a copy of Rules and Regulations (PDF, 192kb)

Your Property

With respect to the larger use of Yellow Banks, please keep your lot free to trash, abandoned / collapsed / unusable structures, tarp coverage and unsightly use of lawn, etc. Please abide by Warrick County ordinances for your property and structures moving forward.

Community Dues

Owning or renting property in Yellow Banks gives you front row access to some of the best things in the entire county. You have an amazing lake front view (3 of them actually!), private roads, fishing, swimming, hiking, boating and more! As this is a private area, Yellow Banks wishes to keep its roads and lake kept up, clean, and passable. Your contribution to this will help ensure that we can keep improving over time and keep things maintained as they should be.

Community Dues
Yellow Banks Land Holdings, LLC requires annual community dues for all property owners using Yellow Banks roads, effective June 1, 2021.  This pays for:

Lake Use – Fishing

Fishing is allowed only by those lots which pay community dues, their guests, or the public who have paid for entry. Residents who have not paid Community Dues must pay to fish. From November through March, all fishing is catch & release unless otherwise noted. All other times of the year, you must abide by the general rules of Fishing posted at the Lake.

Lake Use – Swimming and Boating

Lake use is only permitted to those lots which pay community dues, their guests, or the public who have paid for entry.


Noise, in any instance, should kept at a reasonable level, in compliance with any of the local county ordinances. General quiet hours for the cabins and campground areas will be 10pm-7am Sunday through Thursdays, and 11pm-7am Fridays and Saturdays.

Motorized Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles are allowed at Yellow Banks, when used by the community members and property owners who contribute towards Community Dues.  This includes golf carts, side by sides, ATV’s and other similar vehicles. 

Illegal Activities

The Yellow Banks Lake Community should be held up to the standard of abiding by the law of the County, State & Federal laws. Illegal drugs, vandalism, improper use of land, health safety, shall all be reported as necessary. Violation against Yellow Banks Land Holdings, its land and its companies shall result in charges pressed to the fullest extent of the law.


Firearms Use: It is legal to shoot your guns on your own property in Warrick County as long as your rounds are not going off of property and striking/hitting somewhere else or on someone else’s property. You must have a safe back stop.  You must have a special permit for an automatic rifle and would definitely need a safe back stop. Failure to comply will be taken seriously and legal action may be taken.

Trash Burning: Burning of trash/waste is NOT allowed. Wood burning is allowed.

Septic / Fill Bed / Sewer: Warrick County has an ordinance in place stating that it is illegal to have use of septic & similar if your property is within 300 feet of a sewer system.  You must in that case be hooked up to the main sewer system. Fill beds, leech fields and dumping in open ground are absolutely not permitted around Yellow Banks.

Pets: Dogs must be on own property or leashed if on Yellow Banks property. Other animals running around unaccounted for and unleashed dog, are subject to be picked up by Warrick County Animal Control.