What are the specifics of the installation process?

(a) Customer walk-through to verify Customer is satisfied with the installation plan.
(b) Mounting of a standard “J” arm bracket to the Customer’s eve of house or on a piece of conduit on the Customer’s premises.
(c) Mounting the ODU (Outdoor Unit) to the “J” arm bracket.
(d) Routing of up to 150 feet of outdoor cat-5e from the ODU through one exterior entry point into the home or building, (through one exterior wall, or through the crawlspace and up through the floor.)
(e) All cables professionally routed and attached to home or building.
(f) Drilling a ¼” or 3/8” hole through one exterior wall (wood or brick) for the entry point of the Cat-5e cable.
(g) All exterior penetration points treated with appropriate sealant.
(h) Installation of an AC Power Adapter
(i) Attaching the AP Power Adapter to customer-supplied computer or router.
(j) Test the system to verify the signal strength and speeds are working at the expected service level.