Get Connected!

Yellow Banks Lake has partnered with River City Wireless to get you amazing internet service!

River City Wireless, INC is a local family owned and operated business, based out of Warrick County, Indiana. They specialize in rural LTE internet service using state of the art equipment.

Be sure to check out the FAQ below, and get on the signup list to be contacted once service is LIVE! At this time we anticipate late 2021 for service to be available.

Ideal For: Web browsing, email, social media, light music and video streaming services
Ideal For: Web browsing, email, social media, light music & video streaming, light gaming
Ideal For: Web browsing, email, social media, light music & video streaming, gaming
There is a one time installation fee of $150, which may be broken into 3 equal monthly payments of $60 instead.
You will also need your own Router, or may purchase one from RCW.

If you want to be notified once service is available, please click the button, and fill out the form. Once service is available, we will reach out to you to get you started!

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Category: Wireless Internet

Full time residents: RCW does not have contracts. If you are unhappy with your service, you must inform their office by the 27th of the month and they will remove you from the billing cycle. There is no refund on pro-rated service. All services are active until the last day of the month at midnight.
Part time residents: Simply call or email Yellow Banks Lake and have your service shut off when you need it off for the season or month! 

Category: Wireless Internet

Anything outside of the basic installation, RCW will have to give you a quote. Each site is different. Examples of installation procedures NOT INCLUDED with Basic Installation. (a) Wall fishing (b) Installations on extremely high buildings requiring higher than a 24ft ladder (c) Residential tower installations (d) Installation requiring a bucket-truck or man-lift (e) Cutting of tree limbs or removing other line-of-site obstructions (f) Routing of cables across walkways or driveways (g) Internet to multiple structures on the property.

Category: Wireless Internet

River City Wireless is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) located in Newburgh, In. RCW offers LTE broadband service to rural and underdeveloped areas of Warrick and Spencer County on a licensed frequency (3.65). RCW deploys state of the art Telrad equipment, with a focus on Residential as well as Commercial services. We also can deploy dedicated links to businesses through MLOs (Microwave Line of Sight) technology. We are an all-inclusive company.
This technology is know to be safe from harm! It functions much like your cell phone.

Still have questions? Reach out to River City Wireless at
Phone: 812-202-5553